Server rules

  • Cheating, scripting and exploiting bugs is forbidden
  • Playing music or making annoying/disturbing noices in microphone is forbidden
  • Ghosting if forbidden (telling other players whereabouts after you have died)
  • Advertising is forbidden (advertising youtube or twitch channels and betting sites is allowed)
  • Map specific objective must be executed (T: planting the bomb, CT: defusing the bomb)
  • Unnecessary camping is forbidden, terrorists must leave terrorist base before 1:20
  • Insulting or bullying other players is forbidden
  • Admins request and orders has to be obeyed, failure to do so will result in punishment
  • Sharing personal information is forbidden
  • Copying other players nicknames is forbidden
  • Bypassing/evading bans is forbidden
  • Sending unnecessary reports is forbidden (using !call or !calladmin command)
  • Abusing kill command is forbidden (e.g you use kill command just before other player is about to kill you)
  • First round of the map is always only pistols round

  • Remember to use common sense, admin complaints or complaints about incorrect bans to Kepapi.

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